We receive authorization to carry out real estate transactions
Real estate transfer involves legal risks for both the transferor and the transferee. Therefore, Law Firm SCI and Associates is the bridge for a safe and fast transaction, in order to avoid possible legal risks, our company undertakes to perform the authorized work:
Posting news, creating conditions for the transferee to find out information about real estate.
– Negotiate with the transferee on the terms of the contract.
– Accompany the transferee to carry out the procedures for notarization and certification of the contract in accordance with the law.
– Carry out procedures for declaration and payment of personal income tax.
– Provide documents in accordance with the land law to complete the procedures for registration of changes at the land registration agency.

Procedures in the field of land
– Is the land use right certificate granted
– Transfer of land use rights and properties attached to land
– Donate land use rights, house ownership and land-attached assets
– Declare the inheritance as the right to use the land
– Change the purpose of land use
– Settlement of land claims.