SCI and Partners Law Firm was established based on the merger of SCI Consulting Company, which was established in 2003.
We act in legal consultancy and participate in legal proceedings in the Court at all levels. With spirit of whole-hearted devotion to work and clients to provide clients with the best legal services.
Once you search lawyer’s legal services, we understand that you are hesitant and worried because legal events often affect your legal rights and benefits. With our intensive experience and knowledge in each legal area; we undertake to consult and offer you the most effective solutions, simultaneously, make our best effort to protect your legal rights and benefits.
We are committed to making our incessant efforts to satisfy your demand, your trust, and keeping pace with development of the society.
Legal Consultancy
– Civil law
– Business law
– Labor law
– Investment law
– Administrative law
– Criminal law.

– To instruct and consult clients about legal relationship in dispute, limitation period for legal proceedings, conditions for proceedings, legal status of the subject involved in the case and procedures to be submitted to the competent court.
– To consult dispute settlement method, evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the parties concerned in the dispute. To suggest the most advantageous specific schemes during negotiation and conciliation.
– To make recommendations to relevant executing agencies at the time of issuing the decisions in relation to procedures, sequences, etc., which affect clients’ legal rights and benefits.
– To conduct investigations and collect proofs and documents, verify and evaluate proofs and documents to defend the patron before the court.
– To participate in the proceedings as an advocate who protects patron’s legal rights and benefits in courts at all levels in civil, commercial, labor, administrative cases; to act as a defense lawyer for the accused, defendant in criminal cases.
– To participate in the proceedings as an authorized representative – on behalf of clients to execute all schemes and methods in accordance with the legal regulations to protect clients’ legal rights and benefits in the best manner in courts at all levels.